Irina Howard

New York, USA | Medium

Artist Statement

In my artistic practice, I envision art as a medium for introspection and reflection. I aim to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in the viewer, inviting them into a world where imagination reigns supreme and heartfelt stories encourage hope and transformation. I aspire to create a dialogue about what it means to be human, to confront our challenges and triumphs, and ultimately find solace and inspiration in the beauty and meaning we discover along the way. My work is deeply personal yet universally relevant, encouraging emotional and intellectual discovery. By harnessing the universal language of symbols and visual metaphors, I invite viewers to explore their own inner landscapes and find connections to broader human experiences.

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Artist Statement Cont’d

My process is a delicate combination of research, thoughtful decision-making, and spontaneous, intuitive solutions. When I allow my subconscious to guide me, uncovering hidden layers and meanings within each artwork, that unfolds a mysterious conversation between creator and creation. Every painting is a unique experience, charting uncharted territory and guiding me toward unexplored frontiers of creativity. The complete interpretation of a piece could emerge at any stage. Each time, I was astounded by the enigmatic workings of intuition with its mysterious path to bring me to the culminating point of creation.

In my artistic journey, oil paint is traditional, with meticulous attention to form and space, and contemporary, embracing conceptual depth. Each creative venture commences with a central symbol, a thematic anchor that encapsulates the essence of the chosen theme. From there, with interpretation and visual design, other elements would seamlessly connect and harmonize to strike that perfect balance within the composition. Inspired by the endless variety of organic textures, I seek to capture their intricacies, transforming them into visual narratives that reflect our shared human experiences.

Working predominantly with a monochrome black-and-white palette, I aim to emphasize these opposing forces’ starkness, complexities, and contradictions. I want to capture the tension and harmony between them, showcasing the interconnectedness of light and dark. This choice also allows me to strip away the distractions of color and focus purely on the forms, textures, and patterns that convey the essence of the human experience. Ultimately, I create art that celebrates the timeless beauty of classical ideals through a surreal lens while hoping to ignite curiosity within the viewer to delve deeper into their personal journeys, where art becomes a portal to the depths of our souls.



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