Still Life Art Exhibition - April 2024

Best in Show

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Maxwell G. Miller


oil on panel



My career began in the theatrical arts as a specialist in theatrical puppetry. I always enjoyed the process of visual problem-solving: How can I take rigid materials and manipulate them to move in a fluid, life-like way? As I refined my techniques in the visual arts, I discovered that by manipulating charcoal and oil paint in the same way, it is uniquely possible to contain the entirety of a complex story in a single image. I developed a particular interest in mythology and history painting, and my work has become an extension of this style of storytelling.

Realism gives me the ability to clearly communicate through recognizable imagery. I find inspiration in other artistic media that focuses on storytelling – music, movies, tv shows, folklore, mythology – but I’m most inspired by theatrical arts and puppetry. I enjoy creating artwork containing several figures or dense still-life, and most of my work falls somewhere in that range.

There is a revival of realism happening now that I strive to be a part of. My sense of theatricality has continued to influence my compositions and has developed into a portfolio of dramatic portraiture and dense still life with a focus on storytelling.

Where Everyday Objects


Artistic Harmony…

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Luisa ruiz

Crime Scene

oil paint on panel

$ 1400

I find the universe’s most profound stories in the guise of the everyday—be it a flower in bloom, a crawling beetle, or a fresh apple. My name is Luisa Ruiz; I am an artist and observer! My work captures the passing and often overlooked beauty of our natural world. My artistic journey found its nurturing ground at Ani Art Academy in Red Bank, NJ, where I have been honing my skills for the past four years. I play with charcoal, pastels, and oil paints, meticulously adding layer upon layer, materializing the vibrant life I perceive onto my canvas. Realism, in its purest form, is my muse! I seek to immortalize their transitory beauty by depicting inspiration from nature’s miniature animals, flowers, fruits, and insects. With an unwavering commitment to detail and depth, I aim to capture not just their physical forms but the essence of my subjects.

2nd Place

Anna Meyster

Dual Shadows

Acrylics on canvas

USD 5,000.00

In my artistic practice, I delve into the realm of contemporary figurative art, expressing my vision through the vibrant strokes of acrylic on canvas. I am captivated by the ephemeral beauty of life, the momentum of happiness, and the fleeting nature of existence. My art serves as a tribute to the essence of beauty and life that defines our shared human experience.


I believe in the power of simplicity to convey profound messages. While my paintings may exude a sense of joy and playfulness, they serve as a platform for addressing serious topics. The vibrant color and dynamic shapes in my work are not merely visual elements but deliberate reflections on the interplay of light, shadow, and atmosphere. Through my work, I aim to initiate a dialogue about serious topics, inviting viewers to explore the layers of meaning beneath color on canvas.


Art, for me, is a shared dialogue between the artist and the observer. Through my creations, I extend an invitation to viewers to take part in this conversation, taking them on a captivating journey through realms of nostalgia, hope, and introspection. Beyond being splashes of color on canvas, my pieces are conversations, memories, and reflections. They transcend the boundaries of mere aesthetics, aiming to resonate with the observer on a deeper, more introspective level.

3rd Place

BethAnn Lawson

Shelf Isolation

acrylic on canvas


My art embraces modern compositions—cityscapes, people, and landscapes. I integrate striking contrasts using deep hues against lighter tones, infusing a sense of modernity, perspective and depth. I employ the color black strategically to anchor the compositions, creating bold contrasts that deliver a contemporary edge. 

I take apart my reference images, break up the colors into small opaque representations and carefully build them back into focus.  Up close, the paintings offer a slightly abstract view, drawing viewers in with intricate details that unravel and become more tangible as they step back from the work.  I often hide secret shapes and messages within, but enjoy deliberately leaving spaces for the viewer’s imagination to weave in their own narratives.

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