2nd Vibrant Colors Art Exhibition - April 2024

Best in Show

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Dan Nelson
Pop Up Party
Acrylic on Canvas

I grew up in Chicago working as a Graphic Designer and spent a year living in Palm Springs where I fell in love with the quirky people and the Mid-Century Architecture that I started to incorporate in my painting. I also spent time developing my sense of me, what I feel and what I believe in.  That discovery of self-led me to a happiness and inner peace that translated to Joy of being which also made its way into my art.

My paintings are done with Acrylics on Canvas, I’m too impatient to work with oils. I work from home and enjoy having everything right there so I can pick up my brushes and start painting whenever I feel the urge. Usually, my cats sit on the table next to me watching and sometimes crawling into my lap to help. When I have the day off from the office, I’m at my easel within 15 minutes of waking up ready to paint and I will be there until evening.

I paint stories and moments in time using color and humor. My inspiration comes from people, how they move and how they interact with the world around them. How simple things can bring a smile. I paint the world inside of me, that world is happy, fun, joyful, integrated and includes what brings most people joy, their pets. My hope is when someone sees my paintings it triggers their imagination and they come up with a story about what they see. If I made you smile then my paintings are a success.

Where bold hues


with imaginative expression…

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

David Mason
Dance Like A Butterfly
Color pencil, acrylic, and graphite on Bristol paper

Artistically I have found a sense of fluency. I work every day and that has helped me find my ability and what I can do with it. It’s a very magical experience. I have also found that it is inspiring to others.

I like finding balance with color and contrast. All types of subject matter. Growing up in Ca has given me a western and Latin culture interests as well as nature and animals. Balance and harmony are always part of what I aim for.

I’m also a single dad to an amazingly, I’m biased I know, creative kid, she’s 12.  She learns by watching me and by being a strong consistent example for her is a great place to be.

I do feel my work and our story is worthy of being featured. This last year was one of my strongest. Between shows, contest features, publications, and awards I added over twenty new items to my resume. I’m at a point where having assistance to find my next levels would be so appreciated.

2nd Place

Miso Zlovic

It Could Be Like This

Oil on canvas (60″x48″)



The core idea represented in these two paintings is the constant flow of matter and energy. The fascinating reality is that everything we see, including ourselves, has existed since the beginning of time, from the moment that what we know and understand today as the Universe, came into existence.

Questions pondering the reason of life’s existence, including everything we see as living or inanimate matter, is an outcome of my artistic experience.

By using various artistic technique, I have tried to permeate into the essence of the flow of matter, as well as matter’s conversion into energy.

The formation of organic matter and complex forms of life, as well as the appearance of wildlife or even mankind itself, are glimpses of imagery that are possible to find on these canvases.

Matter and antimatter, constellations, light, and the strings serving as a fundamental structure of our universe are the subject matter of these paintings. It is left to the individual themselves to make sense of and to puzzle out the secret of the magnificent flow of matter, energy, and life that surrounds us.

3rd Place

Renee Kuharchuk
Picking 5
Acrylic on Canvas

My work is a visual representation of my inner psyche and past experiences as I navigate what it means to be a woman in our society. My day-to-day experiences are colored with systemic sexism and stereotypes while negotiating the power struggle of gender norms. What does it mean to be a woman? Smiling, being pretty and demure, quiet and not emotional, nurturing and not confident? The challenge is knowing when to call out these injustices or face being labeled emotional, hysterical, or out of control. As a person who struggles with anxiety, facing these sexist acts and standing up for what is right can be emotionally and mentally crushing. My work gives a voice to these feelings and calls to all those who’ve struggled, been made to feel lesser because of their gender, or have been held back by an unseen force.

The process of creation helps heal these painful situations. These images personify a feeling and highlight a habit or symptom when emotionally heightened. I use up-close imagery to confront my viewers – they must deal with the image presented to them. I exaggerate the existing colors of my imagery to increase the emotional effect and heighten the movement.

The style of each piece illustrates the symptom or situation. Some works use short feathered marks that mimic meditative, repetitive movements such as yoga, prayer beads, or worry stones while others use loose swooping lines and layered energetic strokes to exemplify anxious or painful situations. The loose and wild brushwork create chaos and disorganization – a reflection of the internal struggle.

I hope these works bring awareness to our debilitating pain and hopelessness when faced oppression, anxiety and sexism.

Artwork was judged on a variety of criteria:



Theme Relevance



Honorable Mentions

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