Upcoming Art Competitions

Are you an emerging artist seeking to showcase your talent and elevate your career? Look no further! Ten Moir Gallery is your gateway to a world of opportunities, offering monthly art competitions, prestigious exhibitions, and coveted artist grants.

Art Competitions: Ignite Your Creative Spark

Art competitions at Ten Moir Gallery are not just contests; they are catalysts for artistic growth. By participating, you expose your work to a panel of seasoned judges, gaining invaluable feedback that can fuel your artistic evolution. The thrill of competition pushes you to explore new concepts, techniques, and perspectives, fostering innovation in your art.

Call for Artists is Your Chance to Shine

Our monthly calls for artists extend an open invitation to creators worldwide. This inclusive platform is where emerging artists and mid-level artists like you get noticed. Submitting your work in response to our calls not only opens doors to exhibitions and grants but also establishes your presence in a diverse and thriving artistic community.

Emerging Artists Spotlight: Elevate Your Profile

Being an emerging artist doesn’t mean staying in the shadows. Ten Moir Gallery shines a spotlight on emerging talents through dedicated exhibitions and features. Showcase your creations to a global audience, garnering recognition that transcends geographical boundaries. These exhibitions provide a launchpad for your career, introducing you to potential collaborators, patrons, and collectors.

Artist Grants: Nurturing Creativity

Our artist grants are designed to empower and nurture creativity. Beyond financial support, they offer the resources and exposure necessary for your artistic journey. Whether you’re working on a groundbreaking project or simply need the means to focus on your craft, our grants provide the support you need to turn your artistic dreams into reality.