Freeman McFadden

California, USA | Photography

Artist Statement

The foundation of my photography journey began at Otis College of Art & Design. After a year of attendance, I chose to enhance my craft by transferring to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. This is where I honed my skills and developed a solid foundation for work that I truly believe is an artform. Following my academic schooling, I have spent years refining my style and embarking on an exceptional creative path.

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Artist Statement Cont’d

Finding and refining my creative path was not an easy journey. It took years to break free from the constraints of my formal education, which heavily focused on technical skills. On the other hand, I gradually discovered my passion for capturing people, understanding why I love photographing them, and ultimately, unraveling the stories I’m passionate about telling. As I embraced my true self, my photography began to showcase more of my unique style and less of the influence from my academic training.

The images you see were inspired by the remarkable Grace Beverly Jones, a multi-talented singer, model, and actress. My aim was to showcase her incredible boldness through the careful selection of models and eye-catching outfit prints. In creating this work, I sought to capture a glimpse of Jones’ soul in organic power, infusing it with every pixel and stroke.

For this particular shoot, my intention was to capture a moody and dark look while incorporating a vibrant background. To achieve this, I used bold lighting techniques that not only cast shadows but also added dimension, resulting in a visually striking contrast between masculine and feminine elements.