Karen Mack Solo Exhibition

Karen Mack Florida, USA | Mixed Media Website Artist Statement I can’t NOT create. “Creating” is oxygen to my body and spirit. My mind has a mind of its own dedicated to creating. It conspires with my soul to present a flow of ideas I am compelled to investigate. I continually seek new ideas for […]

Cécile Carrega

Cécile Carrega France | Pastels Website Artist Statement Drawing each shadow, each relief, each hair, each nuance of an animal to little by little see it come to life on paper is my greatest pleasure. I like to transcribe the soul of my subject, it requires a lot of patience and observation. When I draw, […]

Steve Fitz Solo Exhibition

Steve Fitz NSW, Australia | Oil on Canvas Website Artist Statement Now for something completely beautiful – Whispers of the human condition. Steve Fitz is an artist you might call enigmatic. An environmentalist and activist who wants to add some beauty to the world. As an artist, you explore different styles to find out what […]

Chantal Bourque Solo Exhibition

Chantal Bourque Québec, Canada | Acrylic paint, mixed media and tree barks on canvas Website Artist Statement I believe that each tree has its own identity, its own story. Through my paintings, I convey a moment in their lives when they caught my eye, a unique moment that pays tribute to them. Combining a realistic […]

Crystal Villegas

Crystal Villegas IL, USA | Oil Website Artist Statement Life is meditation through balancing movement and stillness. My highest work is to stay open to the messages life sends me, and then translate them with paint. It is with oil paints I feel I can depict the complexity of my chosen subjects in surrealist style. […]

Hannah Freitag Solo Exhibition

A new twist on an ancient art: these pieces explore the timeless archetypes of Tarot with bold, kaleidoscopic collage landscapes.

Nathanael Cox Virtual Art Exhibition

Through my photography, I seek to merge the technicality of digital photography with the beauty of nature in order to inspire the viewer to travel and expand one’s horizons.

John Chehak

John Chehak Iowa USA | medium Website Artist Statement I could always paint and draw as a child, but never took it seriously as a future profession. It wasn’t until I was 46 or 47 years-old to actually want to paint and sell my work. I had no previous professional training, so I did it […]

Daniel Nelson Solo Exhibition

Dan Nelson Chicago, IL | Acrylic Website Artist Statement I paint stories and moments in time using color and humor. My inspiration comes from people, how they move and how they interact with the world around them. How simple things can bring a smile. I paint the world inside of me, that world is happy, […]