Arabella Proffer

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Artist Statement

This series brings together my interests in botany, microbiology, space, disease, and the evolution of cells. I subconsciously explore the relationships between anatomy, biology, nature, and emerging sciences while creating from my own imagination. They, at times, mirror personal metaphysical occurrences or contain a slight nod to art history, such as hints of a baroque landscape. They are more virtual reality than actuality. I work at the intersection of medicine, visionary art, and non-objective painting; I do this all while slowly dying of terminal cancer.

I delve into the practice and alchemy of oil paint dictating the direction, shaping aesthetic outcomes, and transforming emotional impressions as I go. Insects, flowers, human organs all live and die within a similar process. I’m imagining and creating as if looking at decadent still lives through distorted lenses. I create my own fragile beings and nature within these little worlds; alien forms mesh with what might be seen under a microscope or through a telescope. My colors pop with the venom of nature, and are busy with the business of living. My work has increasingly gone into a transcendental direction; with these organisms and shapes acting as guides, or perhaps signals and prophecies.

My visual vocabulary is about the universal love of beauty, because making it beautiful is the hard part.