Tomas Lagunavicius

KAUNO, Lithuania | Digital

Artist Statement

The author of these paintings is Tomas Lagūnavičius, a doctor of social sciences and a representative of interdisciplinary arts. He has been participating in variety of artistic projects. He has staged many plays, created many exhibitions, installations, and performances. Tomas is passionate about creating abstract art and art that belongs to meta cubism.
The work that Tomas does reveals two of his areas of interest. The first is the contrasting relationship between colours on a white background, how the perception of colour changes in relation to other colours, its area, shape etc. He is particularly interested in the relationship of the stain to the other elements of the painting. The second group of works are metacubist works, an attempt to combine elements of different styles on the basis of cubism. Experimenting in the search for new forms of expression, in digital art and in acrylic works made on canvas and paper.
Tomas’s main motivation for his artistic work is the desire to express new philosophical, cultural, political, etc. concepts through visual, performing and textual arts. According to Tomas, a conceptual perception of the world is not enough, it has to be realized in paintings, lithographs, performances etc.