Minimalism Art Exhibition - December 2023

Best in Show

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Stu Bloom

“Trees Along The Shore”


16 X 10 inches


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While you can never tell what will cross in front of your lens, I am intrigued by the camera’s ability to capture both the vast nature of the world and our small place in it – and isolate a single small thing into dramatic significance.

Where simplicity 


profound expression…

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Jon Woodhams

“Minimalist Marbles #1”


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I don’t know what exactly it is about abstract art that appeals to me so much. As an artist, I love that I am creating something ex nihilo—from nothing. I love the freedom, the pure discovery of combining shapes, movement, colors into something beautiful or intriguing that comes purely from my imagination. I am particularly drawn to the unique symmetry of the square format for my work. I also love vintage things (especially old cars, old phones and radios, and old cameras), so my photography tends to focus on things like that, though I also shoot macros and other types of photography. Artist Bio: Jon Woodhams is an award-winning artist and photographer whose work has sold in New Zealand, Ireland, England, Germany, Canada, and across the United States. Jon grew up in a small central-Michigan town, in the shadow of the auto plants of Lansing and the cereal factories of Battle Creek. He studied the fine arts at a private Chicago-area college and lived in Colorado Springs and Brooklyn before coming to Memphis in 2012. He is a member of Artists’ Link, the Memphis-Germantown Art League, and the Bartlett Art Association. His work was featured in the Crosstown Arts exhibit Color Schemes: The Intensity of Color, and two of his photographs were purchased for inclusion in the permanent collection at Christian Brothers University’s Beverly and Sam Ross Gallery. When not creating art or shooting photos, he is a freelance book editor working with several publishing houses.

Roberto Crucitti


Paper Print

Dimension: TBD

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I’m a Phnom Penh-based Italian photographer, who harbours a passion for globetrotting and capturing stories in a different light through the lens. My interest in photography was first piqued during the early years with my film camera. By Then, the main objective was to master techniques and experimenting using light, composition, and colours. After years of travelling for work, I became increasingly amazed by the rich, varied, and eclectic scenes I witnessed and wanted to document them to show these beautiful and unfamiliar environments and spaces to my friends and family at home. I felt the need to capture the emotional elements behind the pictures and to have the images function as a window into a storytelling experience. Only very recently I decide to share this imagery more widely, hoping to give a public audience a sense of being in the moment with me, enabling them to be virtual travel companions experiencing the same emotions I did when I captured the scenes.

2nd Place

3rd Place

Chris Zuber

“Downward Spiral”

Print or Canvas

Dimension: 20X30

Price: 375.00

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The idea behind our business and art is: There is beauty all around us and art can take you anywhere. Art has no boundaries. Art reaches across racial stereotypes, varying abilities, religious barriers and helps build communities. My name is Chris Zuber and I have a new business called Heartshot Photography, LLC. What is a heartshot? A heartshot could be enjoying a beautiful sunset or when a child or grandchild holds your hand.  It can be a moment or a feeling that you wish you could capture. Life is too short for bad art and so many times I have stayed somewhere and thought is this the best they can do?  A picture should take you places or make you want to go places. A heartshot should inspire you. A heartshot should transport you somewhere you want to be or place you in a moment of time that you want to just enjoy. I hope to capture shots that inspire or motivate you to go out and look for beauty wherever you are or enjoy my art every day while in your hotel room, home or office. I have done a variety of positions over my life so far, I was a Navy aviation electronics technician, a professional jeweler and business owner, a nurse for the V.A. and first and foremost I have always been an artist and photographer. I am now teaching my children and other’s how to find beauty and try to use photography to experience the beauty around you. I learned most of what I know and how to take photographs and process film before the days of digital photography from my dad. We even had a dark room in our home growing up, I still remember the smell of the chemicals to develop film and loading canisters with my dad. While growing up in California as a child there is hardly a picture of my dad without a camera in his hand. He took pictures of every life event, flowers, animals, landscapes, stock photography and a number of other things. Everything in his eyes was a photograph waiting to be taken, a snowflake, a leaf, a spider web, art is all around us. A flower is only going to bloom once the way you saw it today.

Artwork was judged on a variety of criteria:



Theme Relevance



Honorable Mentions

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Martin Miklas



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Ulla Hasen

“The Guardian I (0088)”

Acrylic on paper

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Joseph O’Neill

“Pattern 1135”


12 x 12 Inches


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Marco Rodriguez

“Blue bars”

Mixed Media / Acrylic

11 in x 14 in


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Andrea London

“Dali Museum”

Digital Photography

10 inches x 8 inches


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Jeanne Schlesinger

“Up Close and Orange”

Macro Photography

8×12 matted to 11×14


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Jeanne Schlesinger

“Detritus Transformed”

Macro Photography

8×12 matted to 11×14


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Susan Fleming


Mixed Media Painting

40″ w x 20″ h


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Destiny Moore

“In a Daze”


16 MP 4901 x 3265


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Alexander Panov


Corn starch, acrylic on canvas



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Connor Daly

“Untitled XXI, 2022”


Dimension 2


Price 2


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Tetiana Fomenko



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Darya Belamyzava


Analogue photography

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