Maxwell Miller_Headshot Color

Maxwell G. Miller

Ohio, USA | Charcoal and Oil paint

Artist Statement

My career began in the theatrical arts as a specialist in theatrical puppetry. I always enjoyed the process of visual problem-solving: How can I take rigid materials and manipulate them to move in a fluid, life-like way? As I refined my techniques in the visual arts, I discovered that by manipulating charcoal and oil paint in the same way, it is uniquely possible to contain the entirety of a complex story in a single image. I developed a particular interest in mythology and history painting, and my work has become an extension of this style of storytelling.
Realism gives me the ability to clearly communicate through recognizable imagery. I find inspiration in other artistic media that focuses on storytelling – music, movies, tv shows, folklore, mythology – but I’m most inspired by theatrical arts and puppetry. I enjoy creating artwork containing several figures or dense still-life, and most of my work falls somewhere in that range.
There is a revival of realism happening now that I strive to be a part of. My sense of theatricality has continued to influence my compositions and has developed into a portfolio of dramatic portraiture and dense still life with a focus on storytelling.


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