Marlies Getz

Niederösterreich Austria | medium

Artist Statement

Maintaining my mantra is my goal. That means I turn in all directions to try new things. For me there is no single direction, otherwise I would probably miss the right light. As a child, I began to explore analogue medium format photography, spending nights in the darkroom and while the time passed outside, a new image was born in my world. Tried all the techniques and styles, I could never decide where I wanted to end up. That’s what makes my pictures come into being. MAINTAINING MY MANTRA OF WANTING TO PRODUCE THE BEST WORK FIRST IS MY WAY OF LIVING.

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Artist Bio

Marlies Getz born: 1978 vocation: photography passion: light tool: Hasselblad & Nikon Education: Master’s Examination in 2003 2022 FEP European Photographer Creative work is the language of expression for Marlies Getz. Light work, combined with photography, is an important part of her life. She has turned her calling into a passion: professionalism and reliability combined with high-quality equipment are the basis of her work for the artist. For the photographer, photography is a captured moment, usually a fraction of a second, which becomes a window into the past and yet contains the present. It also offers her the opportunity to transform her emotions and mental images into visuals and thus make them visible to others. Curiosity is the innovation of her work: visual poetry is part of the result. Space, time and light create an interplay that creates the power of the image.