Maria Deely​

West Virginia | Colored Pencil

Artist Statement

Maria Deely is a fine art colored pencil artist who explores the techniques of realism through her works. She is a graduate of West Virginia University where she earned a full ride, graduated magna cum laude, and a BFA in fine art. All while being a full time college student she started her business, Deely Drawings LLC, at the age of 19 and has since been able to continue her passions as a full time artist. All while having a rare chronic illness, Maria is hardworking and dedicated to her creations to showcase that life has a purpose and beauty even through the hard times. Maria’s endeavors include traveling the world where she photographs her reference photos and recreates her travels for everyone to enjoy and experience. Her artworks purpose is to create little windows of joy and peace for people to enjoy all around the world.


More about the Artist

Maria’s work depicts windows into her experiences around the world. Intrigued by different colors and architecture that different cultures provide, she expresses herself by layering multiple shades of colored pencil to showcase how breathtakingly colorful our world can be, all while not using the color black. Finding that our world is vast and different; the one thing that she has found similar is that color is everywhere. It may just be expressed in a counterintuitive way. Being diagnosed with the chronic illness, cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), Maria pursues her goals and dreams by embracing the limitations that she has been given. From there she has created works of art depicting locations around the world to show that there can be beauty through chronic pain. Having experienced years of seclusion in hospital beds or being confined to her home, she finds it important to share the beauty of the world so others may have the ability to see it.