Jia Hao - Self image

China | Photography and Collage

Jia Hao

Artist Statement

Jia Hao (b.1990, China) is a visual artist based in the Yunnan province of China. She studied at the State University of New York at Albany between 2010 and 2014 graduating with an BA in Fine Art with a focus on photography and digital imaging. After graduated from school, she planned to travel around the world. She returned to hometown after being away for many years. One day, She found tons of abandoned old fashion magazines from her mom’s storeroom and she started to cut and paste them. The name of her collage works is “ Trash to Treasure” and she established a workgroup to teach local communities how to make wall arts by using wasted paper. Hao has also undertaken several research placements including in relation to leprosy care and minority folk culture in China as well as an artist exchange program in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Artist Statement Cont’d

Jia Hao works predominantly in photography and collage, building surreal narratives within her work. Her main focus is on the human body and the environment and, through her work, she creates a dialogue about the expression and concealment of human identity. Influences come from the fashion industry and e-commerce, research into traditional folk art and conceptual visual art relating to body politics. Hao’s work uses pattern, composition and interaction to create collections of images reflecting on her themes, working between monochrome photography, performance to camera and high color collage.