(photo credit: Kirsten Smith)

Heather Kirtland

Maryland, USA | Acyrlic, Pen, Pastel and Pencil on panel

Artist Statement

My work is a reflection of our state of being. It responds to our need to be seen. Through abstract compositions, I create visual representations of our universal human emotions. Using brushstrokes, drawn lines, layers of paint, and recognizable forms to represent us. I show how outside forces surround our inner selves, and through paint convey these emotions. I use encaustic, oil, and acrylic paints to build layers. I incorporate marks with oil pastels, spray paint and marker that can relay an immediacy and intensity. My paintings give you room and a place to expresses what you cannot in words. In my own experience I can find that it is a struggle to take up space and to be valued when I show up as myself. I create a connection to this collective experience that is at once unique to you and universal to us.