Flowers in Bloom Art Exhibition

Welcome to our virtual “Flowers in Bloom” art exhibition, an exquisite showcase of the world’s most beautiful floral-themed artworks! Our international competition invited artists from all corners of the globe to share their best floral masterpieces with us, and we were amazed by the range of styles and mediums that were submitted. From watercolors to oil paintings, and from digital art to photography, each piece is a unique and breathtaking tribute to the timeless beauty of flowers. Our esteemed judges carefully evaluated each entry on its originality, creativity, and adherence to the theme, resulting in a stunning collection of artworks that will leave you in awe. We invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and be inspired by the exceptional talent of our artists.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the artists whose exceptional creativity and talent made the ‘Floral’ art competition and exhibition a grand success!

Best in Show

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Scot Briscoe

“Alluring and aloof red beauty. Please do not inhale her deeply.”

Acrylic mixed-medium

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I am a maker because what i I see won’t stay in my head. The smallest leaf or flower will catch my eye and draw me into its own intimate moment of shadow and light. The bigness of the outdoors calls to me, echoing my own cavernous desire to stir someone else by sharing my interpretation of this smallest (or biggest) expression of life.
Nothing is as satisfying as charcoal on my fingers, paint on my jeans or flecks on my glasses; I attack the surface with emotive strokes, smudges and smears of contrast and harmony. I love the feel of creativity.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Joni Freeser

“Splashes of Hope”

Dirt and Gum Arabic on Watercolor paper

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Getting her hands dirty (literally), the methodical movements of the brush when painting and most days the blast of music from her speakers help make the rest of the world go quiet and all that exists in Joni’s brain is the scene she’s creating in front of her. It is her meditation, her relaxation, her calm waters that hopefully is carried with it to its new home wherever it may hang.

Petra Gotthardt

“Poppy Delight”

Mixed Media:Photography/ Drawing

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Petra Gotthardt is an emerging artist forging her art practice by combining a passion for photography with painting and drawing, employing multi-layer techniques on paper.
Deeply reverent of and inspired by nature and its colors, patterns and textures, she is seeking the sacred details.Her art is characteristically vibrant in colors and explores how photographic images can be evolved into new realities and experiences, celebrating nature. By adding brushstrokes and other mark making in sequential photographic print layers she preserves the energy of each layer which work symbiotically in the final outcome to create often abstract visual and emotional experiences, evoking new perspectives.
Highlighting or exploring textures and patterns and colors change photographs into interpreted art pushing varied art forms into new, hybridized territory . The final layer is applied to previous prints on Hahnemuehle museum grade paper using archival inks and markers.

2nd Place

Petra Gotthardt_Poppy Delight_Mixed Media
Petra Gotthardt- Poppy Delight

3rd Place

Priyaa Ranjan

“Pink Nectar”


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I live in Ashburn, Virginia. I developed a love for art as far back as I can remember. I quit my corporate career 2 years back to take a step towards following my dream to become a professional watercolor artist. I have just started my journey and it has helped me to rediscover my child like enthusiasm for watercolor painting.

I love all form of art but watercolor is a medium that I love the most. The miraculous element of this medium inspires me.
I am inspired by light, movement, pattern and surprising color combinations. I strive to portray a balance of realism combined with loose abstraction, causing one to compliment the other.

Honorable Mentions

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Noah Gorlewski

“Natures Outline”

Digital Photography

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Minling Lin

“I Can Fly”


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Ho Shik Chan

“Bird and Roses”


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“Conversation between plants and insects-two bees”

Watercolor painting &Mix media

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Fiona Chen


Acrylic and Watercolor pen

Michael Kenny

“Winter Gives Way”


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