Dreamscape 2023 Art Exhibition

The exhibition celebrates the power of dreams, inviting you to explore extraordinary landscapes, ethereal narratives, and boundless creativity. Browse a collection of curated artwork and photography by artist both emerging and established.

We would like to congratulate the selected artists whose exceptional creativity was and talent made the Dreamscape art competition and exhibition a success!

Best in Show

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Amy  Longo

“Against the Tide”

Acrylic Paint

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Being a current illustration student, I am able to further enhance the narratives of my work. I chose this path because storytelling is the force that drives all of my projects. I portray a variety of subjects and scenes, each with their own unique story and use many different materials, most often acrylic or oil paint. I enjoy combining whimsical and surrealist elements with realism. I use iconography and symbolism to add visual interest and give each piece its meaning. My personal experiences are woven into all my paintings. I use my negative experiences to create something beautiful and enhance the present beauty of my positive experiences. My worries, doubts, joys and hopes all combine into a visual anomaly of canvas and paint. I make my work personal to me yet open for others to interpret as their own. I hope to share the joy of storytelling with everyone that views my art. 

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Hari Lualhati

“Lean On To Innocence”

Oil on Canvas

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Hari Lualhati is a full-time artist who is permanently based in Cape Town, South Africa. She prefers her latest artworks to be called as “SOULWORKS” because they are a direct connection to her soul. Her figurative subject being accompanied by animals and nature shows that we are all connected. Hari’s Soulworks harmoniously combine impressive realism with fine details, amazing expressionism with her techniques and symbolism that unfolds a story behind elements used. Her Soulworks are mirrors of golden life lessons, Aha Moments and realisations that the artist aims to preserve and share to others. These Soulworks are not only a delight to the eyes, their messages immediately connects to the heart and leaves an unforgettable experience. 

2nd Place

Rohan Ganapathy

“Radiant Unity”

Surreal Photography

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I am Rohan Ganapathy, a warrior of weird, who loves to make enchanted & whimsical escapes that tell stories through my PhotoArt (also self-portraits) using Surreal and Experimental Photography as a medium. Bulbs are often a motif in my photographs.

We often speak of hardships but never enough about healing. What started as a process of healing for me has become a medium to help others heal. So my art is a complex harmony between stories, lessons, and my imagination.

I want people to know that they are not alone with how they feel or what they’re going through. I want them to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are in there with them holding their hand. Making the same journey but just wearing a different set of shoes.

My process starts with an emotion or feeling that I want to convey through a story. This is followed by scouting the perfect location for me to go shoot with my camera. Every element in my works are individually shot on a camera and, with a little bit of magic on photoshop, these different elements are brought together to tell the story. Some take me several weeks to create as finding certain elements that go into the work or location can be tedious and long, so I Vlog my creation process and you can see how these were brought to life on my social media platforms.

My magical journey as a fully doxxed creator spans close to a decade and I have had the opportunity to showcase my works in multiple galleries, exhibitions & platforms.

3rd Place

Elisha Torres

“Moment of Warmth”


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Elisha’s initial question addressed their curiosity about existence and consciousness. They quickly understood that existence is defined by the collection of marks on both the physical and intangible world. Consciousness, on the other hand, was complex for Elisha to uncover, as it exposed the deepest parts of their mind. However, it taught them to be hungry for personal knowledge and face the memories they subconsciously ignored in fear of vulnerability. These memories relate to struggles around queerness, spirituality, and mental health, which exposed Elisha’s true need to know themselves inwardly instead of by external means.

The art process encouraged Elisha to expand and project their creative skills and concepts onto larger canvases and explore their interests in new materials and mediums. They pushed themselves to create artwork that became too large to fit in the art room and experimented with software that allowed them a new creative process and perspective. Through this, Elisha persisted in art-making and creative risk-taking despite their perfectionism and fear of failure. With consistent drawing and active research in the creative spheres, they learned to trust their artistic abilities and decisions.

Honorable Mentions

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Ash Samuels

“Dreamscape No. 2”

Ballpoint Pen/Mixed Media

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Adam Strange

“Monument of Corruption”


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Mark Ryan

“Bad Omens”

Photo Illustration

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Katrina Avotina


Acrylic on Canvas

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Jennifer McBrien

“Ms. Spoonbill Goes to Battle”

Freehand and Hand Embroidery on Organza and decor Toile fabric

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Sharmon Davidson

“Troubled Skies”

Monotype with mixed media

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