Maryland, USA | Oil

Dasha Prudnikova

Artist Statement

Dasha Prudnikova is a 26-year-old artist who spent the last three years living in Oaxaca, Mexico. She has had a few shows at the local galleries there and got very inspired by the beautiful traditions of Mexico and started creating “Day of the Dead” theme paintings.

Color, a magnetic force that draws all artists in including me. I have always been attracted to painting bright but it really started about four years ago. I felt like I was descending into a deep, black hole, unable to pull myself out and get a grip on my life. In this pivotal moment, a memory resurfaced – words from an artist friend of mine describing what he called “the most magical place in the world.” That night, I took a leap of faith and purchased a ticket to this enchanting place: Oaxaca.

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Artist Statement Cont’d

Oaxaca, often said to be an artist’s haven, unfolds with a vivid blend of color, art, and traditions. My visit also coincided with the highlight of the year – the Day of the Dead.
While it might not immediately sound cheerful to an outsider, in Mexico, it stands out as the most beautiful celebration I’ve ever witnessed.
During these special days, the belief that the departed return becomes a tangible reality. People warmly invite their loved ones back, adorning their path with favorites – foods, flowers, and cherished items from their lives. The entire city transforms and fills with colors.
Everyone dresses in costumes, adorn their homes, and line the streets with flowers, art, and sculptures. The graves also become a canvas of colors, a visual testament to the enduring bond between the living and the departed.
In this celebration of the dead, everyone joins in the spirited dance and parade through the city, fostering a sense of unity that brings them closer than ever and instills a deeper appreciation for the life they have.

I instantly fell in love with Oaxaca. How could you not? The climate, the vibrant buildings, the art, the food, and the time-honored traditions passed down from generation to generation, still celebrated and cherished. That was the moment I knew this is home; I felt happiness there, and so I stayed. My paintings reflect my time living in Mexico, a constant inspiration drawn from the vivid outfits, the alebrijes, papel picado, the colorful sugar skulls, the architecture, and the diverse palette of the cuisine.