Concrete Canvas: A Celebration of City Life Through Art

Welcome to our month-long international art exhibition, where we celebrate the vibrant and diverse culture of cities from around the world. Our online exhibition features a range of mediums, from paintings and sculptures to digital art and photography, created by artists of all skill levels.

The theme of this exhibition is “City Life,” and we encourage our artists to explore the unique characteristics, energy, and emotions that are associated with living in an urban environment. Our judges evaluated each entry for originality, creativity, and adherence to the theme to select the best pieces for our virtual gallery.

Through this exhibition, we hope to showcase the beauty, chaos, and complexity of city life, and to provide a platform for artists to share their perspectives on the cities that inspire them. So come and join us as we celebrate the diversity and creativity of the global art community!

Best in Show

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Irina Yushmanova

“Bangkok Pulse” and “Rainy city”


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Irina is an artist who perfectly masters the techniques of oil, watercolor, pastels and acrylics. Since her childhood she liked to draw, like most children, and thanks to one of the best European art schools her talent flourished. Gaining knowledge of different techniques, anatomy and academic drawing, she became a professional cartoonist.
A few years ago Irina moved to Mexico, where she received a new breath of air and thanks to her talent she created many artworks, she participated and continues to participate in different competitions, both national and international, she won some of them. Her artworks are being exhibited in national and international galleries.
Irina opened her own art school. Due to the experience she has and with great patience, she teaches and transmits her knowledge to the students, showing them that each one can draw or improve their talent with her.
The source of her inspiration is the reality of the world around her, she is attracted to the beauty that hides in plain sight, she tries to find it and turn it into a beautiful painting, sharing it with the world. She does portraits, landscapes, still life, human figure, animals in realism and impressionism style and abstract art.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Yan Jiacheng

“Night in the suburbs”


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2nd Place

Francesco Puliga

“Treasure Island”

Mixed media (ink, acrylic paint, digital painting)

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3rd Place

Éva Szilágyiné Zoltán

“Big city agility”

Acrylic markers on paper

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Honorable Mentions

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Maximillien St-Jacques

“Brooklyn, NY Underground # 3”

Color Photography

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Ho Shik Chan

“Bangkok at Night”


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Barbara Mastrangelo

“Metropolitan Cover”

Sculpture Relief

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Ronan Pirozzi

“Monolith (1)”

Charcoal on paper

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Aaron Krone

“Stepping Stones”


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Linda McCord

“Downtown Kalama”

Acrylic on Canvas

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Noellene Foster

“Life In The Night”

Acrylic paint and pen

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