Artful Delights Food Themed Art Exhibition

Best in Show

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Vasu Kalra

“Handi Gosht”

Digital Photo

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One of the fascinating moments that I cherished during my childhood was to click pictures of everyday ingredients in the kitchen that my mom used and the way she served the plate to us. I was always fascinated by the mesmerising capability of the camera to capture special moments. I am passionate about capturing powerful images that connect with the hearts and stomachs. I have been practicing photography from the last 6 years. I have studied photography as an additional subject during my Bachelors of Arts at Punjabi University, Patiala. I have recently finished my diploma in cinematography at Prague Film School, where in addition I have always to tried to practice photography in parallel. I have also used different camera systems like Nikon, Canon & Sony etc. I am not only taking food photographs for myself but also have been taking food pictures professionally for a few restaurants in Prague since last one year. I believe that my camera is a medium for me to portray my vision and gives me the power to think more creatively. Apart from food photography, I also love to shoot landscapes, wildlife and portraits. I am always curious to experiment and shoot in different lighting conditions and create something new and realistic. For the images I have submitted in Artful Delights Competition, I used a Sony A7IV with a Godox light for the two images and one image was captured only in natural light. The pictures represent the culture and traditions of different Indian cuisines.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Kristen Palana

Abundant Harvest: Food Security Meditation

Ink and acrylic on vellum

Dimensions: 18 x18 inches

Price: $1999

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I draw the world not as it is but how I wish it could be. I use symbols, icons, and patterns with cross-cultural significance combined with color psychology to help soothe, heal, and reinvigorate weary idealists. Inspired by the lofty mission statements and development goals used by the world’s top organizations, my images are a call to action to visualize better outcomes for our lives, communities, and the planet. As an American/Portuguese digital artist and animator living in developing countries over the past seven years, my creative process has gradually been shaped by a lack of reliable internet connectivity and frequent power outages. Since 2021, I’ve reconnected with my fine art roots and now delight in making “slow art” off the grid that requires no electricity or glowing screens. Each mark placed in a drawing mimics the stitches that lovingly make up an elaborate quilt or the single frames that slowly add up to a few minutes of animation. In my mixed media work, I layer colors, lines, and dots using fine-tipped ink and watercolor brush pens with dabs of acrylic and metallic paint on vellum or canvas. The drawing process is a form of meditation that enables me to tap into a higher level of consciousness and rich artistic traditions that are thousands of years old. I’m especially drawn to the intricate patterns and vibrant colors found in Asian and African traditional clothing, baskets, ceramics, and local handicrafts made from raw and natural materials. Western influences include stained-glass windows as well as the bold dark outlines and visual framing structures found in cartoons and graphic novels.

Samantha Polinsky

“Everything Bagel and Son”

Printer ink on fabric, thread, stuffing

Dimensions: 1.8’x1.8’, 5”x5”

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As a sculptor, I make work about the relationships humans have with their things. Amplified by capitalism, the objects we own often come to symbolize our status, successes, and ourselves. Through the lens of my Jewish-American identity, I am analyzing and replicating the physical and metaphorical weight of our emotional attachment to objects. My current work focuses on what it means to be part of “the Jews.” Given the dark and satirical nature of Jewish humor, I try to shed light on the half-truths that are both partially right and blatantly antisemitic; half-truths that might be humorous and collegial when shared between Jews, but dangerous and hateful when promoted by non-Jews. This includes my growing relationship to social and political antisemitism, intergenerational trauma, trauma bonding, and the biblical stereotype of always being prepared for the worst-case scenario.

2nd Place

3rd Place

Paola Soto Romero

“Brunch (Waffles)”

Acrylic on Canvas

Dimension: 25×36

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My name is Paola Soto Romero and I am a Mexican multimedia artist completing her B.F.A at the University of Texas in San Antonio. I specialize in digital painting and graphite drawing, painting and the creation of surreal works. Through my art, I invite viewers to delve into the depths of the subconscious by staring at exactly what is in front of them, blurring the line between reality and illusion. My work with “Brunch (waffles)” harnesses the power of brushes to create a captivating and immersive scene, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between food, the art world and human emotion. My hope as an artist is that my work serves as a catalyst for introspection and contemplation. Viewers are encouraged to interpret the drawings in their own unique ways, forging personal connections with the imagery. It is my belief that art should evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and encourage discourse. I am currently working as an illustrator for a private editor in a children’s book series called “Coco”, and am excited about collaborating with other artists in the future and experimenting with new techniques to bring even more depth and richness to my art. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share my crazy work with the world. Instagram: paolaromeroarte

Honorable Mentions

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Artist: Mikayla Johnson

Title: The Patience Roll

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 18×24


Artist: Enith Alejandra  Altamirano Salazar

Title: Tortillera

Medium: White and brown stoneware clay, underglaze & glaze. Wire and acrylic paint. Electric fired to cone 6.


Artist: Miriam Schulman

Title: Citrus Harvest

Medium: Photo


Artist: Ellen  Stern

Title: Paris Lunch

Medium: Photography


Artist: Yimeng Sun

Title: Fluffy Watermelon

Medium: Digital


Artist: June Huang

Title: Apple

Medium: Photography


Artist: Jennifer Holstrom

Title: 21 Grams Carbohydrate

Medium: Acrylic

Dimensions: 24″ x 36″

Price: $2500


Artist: Krystal Perez

Title: Cafecito Drip

Medium:Watercolor (original has been sold) – Giclée print


Artist: Vivian Lu

Title: 多吃点 /Eat More

Medium: Oil on wood

Dimensions: 20” x 50”

Price: 2000 USD


Artist: Justin Barfield

Title: Digital Mana

Medium: Relief Print

Dimensions: 5″ x 7″

Price: $300.00


Artist: Katie Hovencamp

Title: Happy Thanksgiving

Price: $700