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Animal Art Exhibition

Ten Moir Gallery’s art competition for March 2023 was the annual “Animals” online art Competition. The show attracted a wide range of artists from around the world specializing in mediums that consisted of oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, graphite, photography, digital. Both 2d and 3d were accepted for inclusion into the Gallery’s group exhibition.

Artists were asked to submit their best artwork showcasing the magnificent beauty of animals. 

The submission process and competition began in January 2023 and ended March 28th, 2023 bringing in submissions from different countries from all around the world.

Artwork is judged based on the following elements: originality, creativity, interpretation of the theme, demonstration of artistic skill and usage of medium. The winning categories include Best in Show, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The exhibition also includes Honorable Mentions for their outstanding art. Many of the artists in either of these groups could have easily been included in the upper tier of our winners, as their art was also exceptional.

The winning categories artwork will be featured on Ten Moir Gallery homepage for 2 months. After 2 months, it will remain in the exhibition archives.  

Congratulations to the artists who made the Animal art exhibition a success!

Best in Show

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Jane M, Habgood

Water based oil on Canvas

I have been teaching art for 35 years and my work focuses on mainly animals and humans, it is only recently that I have decided to show my art. I have always been interested and campaigned for the rights of animals, their welfare and often produce work for charities to help raise funds. I am in the process of making a website. I work with a range of media, pencil, paint and print and explore mixed media.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Laura ONeill

“Grumpy Monkey”


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Laura O`Neill is a primarily self-taught scratchboard artist located in Kinmount, Ontario. She currently specializes in wildlife and pet portraits. Her inspirations come from her love of wildlife, nature, and outdoor adventures.

Bridget Davet

“Red-eyed Tree Frog “


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Bridget Davet is a professional artist and graphic designer living in Mansfield, Texas, USA. Creating art is not only an expression of herself, but also a commitment to overcoming challenges as well as an excellent stress reliever. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design. Though classically trained in art, OCD and ADD has kept her from creating artwork, such as paintings or drawings, for decades. After seeing her child struggle with the same challenges, she is determined to overcome these challenges and model that achievement for her child and others. She hopes to be an inspiration to others facing the same challenges. Now she specialize in realistic wildlife and pet portraits. She loves to create realistic and lifelike artwork that captures the beauty of nature. Bridget’s favorite mediums are pastels, acrylics and watercolor. Bridget strives to create artwork that not only reflects who she is, but will also bring a smile to someone’s face.

2nd Place

3rd Place

Tara Nix


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I am a UK based, self-taught artist, with no official artistry training. I have always loved drawing since an early age and would often lock myself away with a pencil and piece of paper.

Over the years I have attempted drawing a variety of subjects, from people to landscapes, but I soon realized that my true passion was drawing animals.
I have always been passionate about animals, and I am continually fascinated with the vast and varied array of personalities that each breed of animal has. Just like people, each animal is unique, and it is my aim to show those individual personalities through my work. I truly believe that you can see an animal’s soul through their eyes, and that is what I want people to see in my drawings. I focus more on the animal, rather than overly complicated backgrounds, as I do not want to distract from the story the animal has to tell. The chosen medium for my art is pastels because of the vibrancy they can bring to a piece of artwork. I also love how easily you can layer pastels to create depth within each subject.
Whilst I have always been a keen artist, it is only within the year that I have pursued art as a career choice, so I am very much at the beginning of my artistry journey, and I am excited to learn more and continue to progress my skills.

Honorable Mentions

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Elizabeth Burin

“Zebra Love “

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Sean Brown

“Short-eared Owl in Flight “

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Mohan Kottapally

“You’ll Believe a Sea Lion Can Fly”

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Lizzie Jayne

“War Horse”


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Kristen Federchuk

“Snow Day”
Acrylic on canvas

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Judith Tompkins

“Greater Bilby “
Mixed-media Sculpted fibre

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Andrea Borbély Hellman

“October Night “
Digital Painting

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Rhonda Franks

“Leading the Way “

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Aitor Perez Erdozain

“Green Reptile in Green Habitat”

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Seungyeon Lee

“Bird III “

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Eleazar Herrera

“Old Fence Post”
Oil on Canvas

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