"Abstract" 2nd Art Exhibition - March 2024

Best in Show

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Lisa Daniels

“Touched by Midas”




I am an “Escape Artist” one who creates abstracts inspired by subjects of architecture and nature. Simple in format using colors, textures and subject matter to stir the imagination taking you on your own unique journey inspired by my art.

Where form 


limitless interpretation…

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Jim Twerell

“The Girl”

Oil paint on canvas



I paint because I don’t have the words. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, I spent 10 years in the music industry writing scores and songs, but it was in painting I found the words. Inspired by the meditative nature that follows Japanese art, I create paintings that disarm and relax the viewer. Deliberately simplistic yet emotionally complex.


These new paintings are inspired by the determination to survival in nature. I studied Botany while working at a plant nursery with the intention of creating new artwork. I abandoned any notion of formal structure and color to draw the viewer’s focus on movement. After 20 years in the arts, I wanted to create a series that was simplistic in style. Nature has accidentally invented something beautiful that is constantly battling itself for water, light, and nutrients.  The leaf-like subjects in these paintings are painted to resemble the forms of animals and everyday figures, reinforcing the interconnections of all life on our planet.

Patrick Zélis

The Muralla Roja


600 euros


My photographic work is part of a continuous and unprecedented exploration of urban spaces.I am interested in shapes, textures and colors that combine to create my subject. I look for the games created by light and shadows.

In my work, my main goal is to offer a fresh look at ordinary things by creating clean and graphic images. I am looking for the particular point of view, trying to eliminate chaos from our urban environment. I like to focus on details and I herefore composes minimalist images bordering on painting. By transforming reality into shapes, I create abstract images, to offer the public an experience of illusion optics.

This work explores the limits of the photographic process and offers a reflection on the notion of reality.

2nd Place

3rd Place

Madison Branch
“Blind, But Feeling Your Way Forward”
Oil on Canvas

My work, which is based on assemblages of various units and the relationships therein, explores the idea of identity as contingent on an ever-changing inventory of thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Fabric collages, figurative and structural units, and imagined landscapes, become source material for compositions which mimic the immaterial space of the mental plane. The multiple instances of translation that occur during the creation of these images is reminiscent of the interpretative relationships between objects, both human and non-human, reinforcing the idea that every object is altered by its surroundings. This processing of the source materials-which includes photography and digital manipulation before rendering in oils-is vital to the theme that the finished images represent. The works are then reimagined again as drawings and watercolors, which reference the original elements within a freer space.


When viewing these works, an important element to examine is the way in which the seemingly arbitrary units interact with and affect each other. These relationships, including the breakdown of boundaries between elements, are as real and important to the work as the symbols chosen. The final product is a visual representation of the idea that an individual’s identity is not a discrete object, but a vast mosaic of experiences. Every occurrence throughout the course of a person’s life-the good, the bad, the strange, and the mundane- has the potential to redefine the self.

Artwork was judged on a variety of criteria:



Theme Relevance



Honorable Mentions

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Jeffrey Hansen - Non-Zero-Sum Counterweight LRG
Jeffrey Hansen - Non-Zero-Sum Counterweight LRG
Jeffrey Hansen
“Non-Zero-Sum Counterweight”
Acrylic on Canvas
Melvina Noel “I AM WOMAN”
Melvina Noel “I AM WOMAN”
Melvina Noel

Syl Arena “Jern”
Syl Arena “Jern”
Syl Arena
Chromogenic Print

Janice Eliovson “Colour Colour Colours”
Janice Eliovson “Colour Colour Colours”
Janice Eliovson
“Colour Colour Colours”
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Marcy Hokenson_Eye on the Prize
Marcy Hokenson_Eye on the Prize
Marcy Hokenson
“Eye on the Prize”
Acrylic Paint and Marker

Sally Kim “Dancheong (Series 1)”
Sally Kim “Dancheong (Series 1)”
Sally Kim
“Dancheong (Series 1)”
Acrylic paint on bristol board

Fania Greenwood - Blue Cosmos
Fania Greenwood - Blue Cosmos
Fania Greenwood
“Blue Cosmos”
Mixed Media: Collage, Acrylics, Markers
$ 1,800
Margaret Fronimos_Floating
Margaret Fronimos_Floating
Margaret Fronimos
$ 1300
Michelle Ramos “Dreaming Tree”
Michelle Ramos “Dreaming Tree”
Michelle Ramos
“Dreaming Tree”
Acrylic on canvas


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