Seasons in Art: A Visual Journey Through Nature's Transformations

Explore the wonders of our planet’s seasons through art in our “Seasons in Art” exhibition. These captivating artworks were selected from our competition held from July to September, showcasing artists from around the world who have brought the magic of the seasons to life. Join us on a visual journey through nature’s transformations and experience the world anew with each passing season.

We appreciate the artists who made the Seasons art exhibition a success!

Best in Show

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Hyosoon Jung

Seattle Story 18. Winter Whisper

Acrylic with mixed media

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I work as medical provider, but painting has always been part of my life, an act of self-description that brings me spotless calmness. “My paintings speak different stories; emphasized with mixed media and texture to express the depth of my life in Seattle as an immigrant“.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Paulo Silva



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Paulo is a Portuguese photographer based in Porto with a passion for landscape and nature photography. He travels throughout the world as a photography guide and loves to share his knowledge of various photography techniques. Paulo is a filter expert and knows how to catch the light just perfectly. For many years, Paulo has worked as a freelance photography tutor for Discover Photography, and now runs his own regular multi-day and one day workshops in Portugal and abroad. Paulo attended the Portuguese

Cathy Boytos

“Autumn Leaves”

Colored Pencils

Size: 9 x 12
Price: $275.00

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Cathy’s art passion is derived from nature which was instrumental in her interest in botanical art illustration. That might be a flower, a leaf, a tree or an animal. She uses colored pencils to create representational art showing the soul of animals and the intricacies of botanicals. When she was a small child, she would spend time in the woods with her sketch books, drawing leaves. She was always fascinated by the details in nature. She is also continually intrigued by the realism achieved by colored pencils. In addition to creating her own colored pencil works of art, she also teaches several kinds of art both in person and online. Cathy has won several awards for her colored pencil art. Her artwork has been included in the NC Museum of Art for the Dutch Art in a Global Age Exhibit. Cathy continues learning from others as much as possible in her endeavor to constantly improve her skills.

2nd Place

3rd Place

Betty McGlamery

“Side Porch”


Size: 36″H x 36″W
Price: $875


 I feel drawn to the rural South with its majestic Live Oaks and Magnolia trees with Spanish moss draping on the lower limbs and with the sunshine glistening through the leaves and quiet dirt roads providing solitude miles from the Interstate. I am not so much trying to paint the perfect painting, but to show the feelings a common place Georgia scene can evoke.

Honorable Mentions

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Artist-Sammy-Polinsky-Title-Matzoh-Bong-Soup-Medium-Crock-pot-silicone-air-dry-clay-acrylic-paint-silc-pig-glass-bong-stem-and-bowl-dried-dill-and-parsley-Size-10.4x16.5x11.4-https-sammypolinsky.cargo .site-
Artist: Sammy-Polinsky

Title-Matzoh Bong Soup

Medium: Crock pot silicone air dry clay acrylic paint silc-pig glass bong stem and bowl dried dill and parsley

Size 10.4x16.5x11.4

Artist- Alejandra Barrios Title- Transicion Medium- Lienzo Size- 45 x60
Artist- Alejandra Barrios

Title- Transicion

Medium- Lienzo

Size- 45 x60

Artist- Emer Beattie Title- Autumn Medium- Watercolour on paper Size- 29 x 21 inches Price- £700 Website-
Artist: Emer Beattie

Title: Autumn

Medium: Watercolour on paper

Size: 29 x 21 inches

Price: £700

Varya (Barbara) Witlin - Awakening of Spring - oil paint on canvas
Artist: Varya (Barbara) Witlin

Title: Awakening of Spring

Medium: Oil paint on canvas

Kelsy Schumacher - Honeycomb Cotton Fibre
Artist: Kelsy Schumacher

Title: Honeycomb

Medium: Cotton Fibre

Anna Estes - Showing - Photography
Artist: Anna Estes

Title: Showing

Medium: Photography

Autumn’s Last Stand
Artist: Steve Stuck

Title: Autumn’s Last Stand

Medium: Photograph

Lizzie Jayne - Tree of Life - Watercolor - 30x40cm
Artist: Lizzie Jayne

Title: Tree of Life

Medium: Watercolor

Size: 30x40cm

Leah Oates - Transitory Space, Don Valley #22 - Color Photography - 16 x 20
Artist: Leah Oates

Title: Transitory Space, Don Valley #22

Medium: Color Photography

Size: 16 x 20

Michael Drolet - 8 Liwen Gold - Oil on panel - 11 x 12 - $800
Artist: Michael Drolet

Title: Liwen Gold

Medium: Oil on panel

Size: 11x12; Price: $800

BAEVY - Consecration Reincarnation - Photography
Artist: BAEVY

Title: Consecration Reincarnation

Medium: Photography

HIGH ABOVE by S Lance fleming copy
Artist: Susan (Lance) Fleming

Title: High Above

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 30" H x 24" W x 2.5" D

Jean De Clercq - Lebensbaum Sommer - Öl auf Leinwand - 35 x 62 cm - Auf Anfrage
Artist: Jean De Clercq

Title: Lebensbaum Sommer

Medium: Öl auf Leinwand/Oil on Canvas