Seascapes Art Exhibition - August 2023

Where the essence of the sea comes to life through the eyes of talented artists. These creators were selected during our the Sea Inspirations Art Competition. Each bringing a unique perspective and artistry that pays homage to the boundless beauty of the ocean. Prepare to be immersed in a world of marine wonders as we present their stunning artworks, reflecting the mesmerizing allure and majesty of the sea.

We extend our congratulations to the artists whose exceptional creativity and talent made the ‘Sea Inspirations’ art competition and exhibition a success!

Best in Show

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Adrian Petrisor



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Landscape photographer based Transylvania. Traveler and guide, chasing the incredible beauties of nature.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Matt Dusig

“Twilight Majesty: Aerial Panorama of Honolulu and Diamondhead Crater”

Digital Photography 

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Born into a family of artists and entrepreneurs, Matt’s artistic journey has been nurtured by a rich heritage of creativity and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

With a degree in fine art and a lifelong passion for photography, Matt has dedicated himself to capturing the essence of life’s most awe-inspiring moments. From the tender grace of horses to the vast expanses of landscapes and the dynamic energy of cityscapes, his lens transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary works of art.

Armed with a diverse range of equipment, including Canon, DJI, and Rolleiflex, Matt harnesses the power of technology to create captivating visual narratives. His mastery of different tools enables him to adapt to various environments, capturing the unique spirit and beauty of each subject.

Matt’s insatiable wanderlust fuels his artistic vision. Through his extensive travels, he embraces the world as his canvas, immersing himself in new cultures, landscapes, and experiences. His keen eye and adventurous spirit allow him to present viewers with a fresh perspective, revealing the hidden nuances and stories that lie within his photographs.

2nd Place

Stewart Beavers


Scrap metal

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 Stu Beavers is a metal artist from Durham, NC. He is passionate about using upcycled materials to bring new life to items that would normally be discarded. One of his favorite subject matter is marine life. The mystery and variety that the ocean provides is an endless supply of inspiration for him. As a hobbyists mechanic and a repairman his materials are never to far from him and sees the potential in everyday items just waiting to be unlocked. He grew up in small town with a mother, that welded. She tried to pass her knowledge on but it wasn’t until he took formal classes at Durham tech that those lessons from his mom finally clicked and he realized why she had such a passion for metalwork. Taking something as cold and lifeless as metal and manipulating it into something with personality and character is feeling that is unmatched and he looks forward to creating new and interesting sculptures in the future. 

3rd Place

Craig Barnes

“Namalu Bay, Maui”


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Craig Barnes is an artist based in Southern California with a passion for capturing the beauty of nature on canvas. His love for art and music started at a young age and he became proficient in oil painting during his high school years. Craig won several awards for his paintings and received an art scholarship from the Shadow Mountain Palette Club. He spent his first year of college as a fine arts major but at the end of the year, Craig decided to pursue a music degree instead and was accepted into the Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California. After graduation from MIT, Craig toured with bands for a short time, then went on to work as a high school music teacher. Craig rediscovered his love for painting again after moving to the Joshua Tree area, where he was inspired by the landscape and the local artists. Today, he spends his time painting and exploring new landscapes to paint. 

Honorable Mentions

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Johanne Kourie

“Seul au monde _ All Alone Huile”

Oil on canvas

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Maxwell Miller

“The Tale of the Curious Oysters”

oil on panel

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Leonardo Adler

“Ocean sunset”


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Tommaso Fagotto

“Swimming Symphony”

Nikon D7000

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Linda McCord



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Ameena Alali

“Toub Toub”

Video Installation

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Sandra Li



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Bruno Papaleo


Canon eos 1300d

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Catherine Jenks



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Elaine Truong


Ceramic Stoneware

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Natasha Kaiser

“Lava Rock”


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