Open Online Art Exhibition - December 2023

Welcome to Ten Moir Gallery’s Online Open Theme Art Exhibition! Following our Open Theme Art Competition held in November, We received numerous entries from talented artists worldwide.

Artists were invited to submit their best artwork of their choice, representing their unique identity and talent. The result is a stunning collection that reflects the myriad perspectives and artistic talent found across the globe.

Best in Show

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Maxwell G.  Miller

“The Journeyman”

Oil on panel

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Maxwell G. Miller (b.1992) is an American contemporary realist artist working in the Dominican Republic. His artistic career began in the theatrical arts, where he became well known for specializing in large-scale theatrical puppetry. He served as director, artistic designer, and scenic artist for several theater organizations based in Cleveland, OH before pursuing visual art professionally in 2017. After refining his technique and developing an interest in mythology and history painting, he relocated to Scranton, PA in 2020 to complete an apprenticeship with master artist Anthony Waichulis at the ÀNI Art Academy. He completed his apprenticeship in 2022 and now serves as the Dean of the ÀNI Art Academies Dominicana in Río San Juan, Dominican Republic, where he strives to cultivate a richer artistic community through artistic education. ​

Maxwell’s sense of theatricality has continued to influence his compositions and has developed into a portfolio of dramatic portraiture and dense still life with a focus on storytelling. His work has received international awards and recognition from leading art competitions and major arts publications including The Art Renewal Center, The Boynes Artist Award, National Art League, The FiKVA Foundation, Bold Brush, The Artist’s Network, Southwest Art Magazine, Art Base, and Art Week. He is an associate member of the Oil Painters of America, an affiliated artist of Lovetts Gallery, and has works in private collections across the globe.

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1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Linda McCord

Purple Passion



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Linda McCord is best known for her figurative work in watercolor and acrylic paintings. She has deviated recently to paintings focused on reflections.  About her new series titled Car Show, she says, “Cars have very little to do with my paintings, they are simply vehicles for what is portrayed on their surface.”  With the emphasis on the sheen of the cars, the detail in the motor parts, and the distorted reflections, her work has been described as abstract realism. Linda McCord works in most of the two-dimensional mediums and does a vast array of subject matter. McCord is one of the rare artists that does realism as well as abstracts. She loves challenges and when a medium or subject becomes too easy, she moves on to a new medium or sets up more complex compositions. She was a gallery owner for 10 years, and taught painting and printmaking at her local college. Although self-taught, she has taken international awards too numerous to list, and her art is in the collection of museums, churches, hospitals, and colleges. She is a signature member of International Society of Acrylic Painters, Northwest Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society and California Watercolor Association. McCord says, “I design my art around mathematical concepts rather than emotion.” 

Cathy Boytos

“My Mauve” Iris

Colored Pencils


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Cathy’s art passion is derived from nature which was instrumental in her interest in botanical art illustration. That might be a flower, a leaf, a tree or an animal. She uses colored pencils to create representational art showing the soul of animals and the intricacies of botanicals. When she was a small child, she would spend time in the woods with her sketch books, drawing leaves. She was always fascinated by the details in nature. She is also continually intrigued by the realism achieved by colored pencils. In addition to creating her own colored pencil works of art, she also teaches several kinds of art both in person and online. Cathy has won several awards for her colored pencil art. Her artwork has been included in the NC Museum of Art for the Dutch Art in a Global Age Exhibit. Cathy continues learning from others as much as possible in her endeavor to constantly improve her skills.

2nd Place

3rd Place

VisualBlinker TM

“Armonia, the purity bath”

Fine Art photography

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I am an Italian Fine Art photographer and professional dancer, currently based in France.

I exploit the power of photography to bring imaginary worlds to life and fill my eyes with beauty.Fine Art photography is, to me, the perfect way to express my creativity without boundaries. Through photo manipulation, light shaping, and posing I enhance the otherworldly elegance of the subjects I portray. Featuring movement in all of its forms, I like to think of my pictures as a glimpse of a moment frozen in time, with the illusion of movement still piercing through the pictures.
As for my subjects, I try to combine landscapes, dance and storytelling to communicate intricate and deep emotions leveraging fantasy universes and folkloric symbolism.To homage my deeply rooted connection to nature and its beauty I choose or try to recreate pristine scenery to frame my artwork and offer a sort of escapism from reality, bringing people to a new dimension. As a professional dancer shooting fellow artists and featuring them as models for my projects comes easily as we share the same language and knowledge of movement. To keep these elements together and fuse them seamlessly I come up with fully developed narratives and scenarios to guide viewers through an immersive journey of exploration and contemplation.

Artwork was judged on a variety of criteria:



Theme Relevance



Honorable Mentions

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Michelle Ḻ Sullivan

“Sheer Achromatic”

Acrylic glazing technique

$3,500.00 AUD 

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Peter Yesley



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Ireland Rhoads

“Lite Blue Vase”



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Susan Fleming

“Camelback Mountain Sunrise Sunset”

Serigraph print with Applied Mixed Media Collage Style


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Jaime Franco

“Open Heart”

Ceramic, Steel, Paper


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Jake Smith



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Aaron Krone



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Sydney Knaub

“Growth Platter”



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Derrick Whaley

“#Bemoreart #1 Volume 1”



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Chalzea Xu

“Book illustration of Les Mis”

Watercolor, ink 


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Savannah Young

“Kept Up”

Oil on canvas

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Jena Ataras


mixed media


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Robert Snyder

“Deco iron”

Wheel thrown and hand built porcelain, fired to cone 5 and luster fired with silver, gold and Mother of Pearl luster


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JP Romero

“El Gigante de Catalonia”

Digital Art

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Erick Israel Rodriguez

“Mis Dos Americas”



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