"Natures Wonder" 2nd Art Exhibition - March 2024

Best in Show

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Kasia Przado

“Everything Breathes Together”

oil on canvas

35,4 x 27,5 inches

$ 5500



Kasia Przado, a Polish-born artist born in 1985, has called Norway home since 2012. Presently, she resides and creates amidst the serene landscapes of Sekken, a small island nestled in the heart of a Norwegian fjord. While her formal artistic education led her to The School of Art in Seville, Spain, where she studied ephemeral architecture, her journey as a painter has largely been self-taught. Inspired by the breathtaking natural surroundings of her island sanctuary, Kasia’s work reflects her deep connection to the environment and her ongoing exploration of its beauty and complexity.

 In addition to her artistic pursuits, Kasia is a practicing professional astrologer and has been a student of esoteric sciences for many years. Her passion for mysticism often shines through her paintings, which are endowed with symbolism that resonates with the soul. Her work “Radiant at Heart” was exhibited in the last London Art Biennale (2023). Kasia actively collaborates with the Higher Art Gallery (Michigan, USA), where she sold all her available works during the past year.


“Everything Breathes Together” stands as Kasia’s response to the Green Transition, a term now sadly entangled with the advancement of new industries and technologies, primarily focused on expanding growth under the guise of supposed environmental care. However, many already intuitively recognize that the true essence of the Green Transition involves a profound shift in our consciousness, leading us to become participants in the Great Life rather than its rulers. Just as the diversity of cells comprises the great living being, we, together with all living creatures, regardless of size or form, are integral parts of the Great Life experiencing itself through us. This understanding underscores that the true green transition, the one that can genuinely save us as a species, is not about adopting “greener” methods while still exploiting the soil, rivers, and skies. It is about re-establishing our humble place in the sacred tapestry of life, so we can all breathe together in harmony, as it is meant to be.

Where Imagination 


Natures Beauty …

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Kia Metzler

“From the depths”

Acrylic on board


$ 2200


I am a third generation painter born and raised in the PNW. From an early age my mother encouraged an appreciation of nature and beauty and made sure to expose me to it as mush as possible. Aside from being painter she was an avid gardener, turning our yard into a symphony of colorful flowers and plants, creating special ecosystems for both creatures and my imagination. My mother invited discussions about death, the natural world, and other things that make up life so I always felt like I could ask hard questions. In my mid twenties I moved to Portland Or where I studied anatomy and physiology for pre nursing. I delved deeply into a love of biology and found an insatiable appetite for studying the inner workings of life -discovering that essentially everything is alive and intelligent. Instead of becoming a nurse I threw myself into my work as an artist. Although, I am self taught, I am highly influenced by likeminded creatives and friends. My subject matter almost always includes a figure. I do this to represent the “collective body” and the “inner and outer” relationship we have with the larger world, both on macro and microscopic levels. I focus on the elements and content to tell a story but just as important is color. Color and color relationship has an ability to communicate across the boundaries of spoken language and can incorporate a deeper sense of feeling in expression. I don’t often sketch or have a finished image in mind but instead I paint and see what unravels. As I do, imagery, concepts, and elements reveal themselves and the piece eventually becomes whole.  Much like a life lived in curiosity. My work is rooted in justice for nature -which translates to justice for all creatures, human and non human alike. I work to depict scenes and concepts that help people to tap into their own sense of responsibility and interrelation with all of life around them.

Melodi Humble

“Spring in the Carolinas”

Colored Pencil



I’m a self taught artist in my 20s, born and raised in North Carolina. Most of my inspiration comes from the forests I’ve become so familiar with which reflects in most of my works.

My specialty tends to be realism when it comes to my art, which I’ve found gives me more appreciation and understanding for the subject I’ve chosen to sketch.

I hope others who see my work can sense that same appreciation that I see.

2nd Place

3rd Place

Aalia Solomon

“Stairway to heaven”

Digital Photography




Aalia is a freelance digital photographer who grew up on Long Island, New York. As a young adult, Aalia spent her time exploring beaches, parks and castles across the island. Becoming entranced with the beauty of nature, Aalia discovered landscape photography and has been capturing her adventures ever since. She is passionate about reconnecting with nature through its scenic views and further discovering the world through its hidden gems.

Artwork was judged on a variety of criteria:



Theme Relevance



Honorable Mentions

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Victoria Skutina "Colourful Facades"
Victoria Skutina "Colourful Facades"
Victoria Skutina
“Colourful Facades”

Cody King Upside Down Spider
Cody King Upside Down Spider
Cody King
“Upside down spider”

Kahee Bae“Requiem for the Tulip”
Kahee Bae“Requiem for the Tulip”
Kahee Bae
“Requiem for the Tulip”

Orientation: 1
Kevin Avery“The Royal West”
Kevin Avery“The Royal West”
Kevin Avery
“The Royal West”
$ 575.00

Erika Dos“Turtle universe”
Erika Dos“Turtle universe”
Erika Dos
“Turtle universe”
Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Katrina Brusatto“Swamp Surreal”
Katrina Brusatto“Swamp Surreal”
Katrina Brusatto
“Swamp Surreal”
3D,Acrylic, polymer, canvas, latex, silk, nylon, vinegar.

Orientation: 1
Tibor Matijas “Freedom”
Tibor Matijas “Freedom”
Tibor Matijas
Acrylic on canvas
24x36 (60x91cm)
$ 3500

Orientation: 1
Michelle Misook Son“Life of the Forest #3”
Michelle Misook Son“Life of the Forest #3”
Michelle Misook Son
“Life of the Forest #3”
Not for sale
Instagram: mong_dreamer

Rosemary Miklitsch“Yosemite Reflections”
Rosemary Miklitsch“Yosemite Reflections”
Rosemary Miklitsch
“Yosemite Reflections”
Color Photography
8" by 11"


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Richard Buchanan II“The Warmth Of Your Hand As The Days Grow Shorter”
Richard Buchanan II“The Warmth Of Your Hand As The Days Grow Shorter”
Richard Buchanan II
“The Warmth Of Your Hand As The Days Grow Shorter”
Not for sale
Amaris Orozco“Golden Glory”
Amaris Orozco“Golden Glory”
Amaris Orozco
“Golden Glory”
Watercolor and Colored Pencil
16 x 20 inches
John Giesin“Born for a Time Such as This”
John Giesin“Born for a Time Such as This”
John Giesin
“Born for a Time Such as This”
Giclee Print

Merraki KJ“Migration”
Merraki KJ“Migration”
Merraki KJ
Ins: @merraki_kj

“Day 165”
$ 1850
Anna Sparks“Seeing horizons”
Anna Sparks“Seeing horizons”
Anna Sparks
“Seeing horizons”
Holga 120mm photograph
Joanne Teets“Caribbean Lights”
Joanne Teets“Caribbean Lights”
Joanne Teets
“Caribbean Lights”
Gouache and Pastel
9.5 x 13.25

Anthea Ben-Naim“Black Swan”
Anthea Ben-Naim“Black Swan”
Anthea Ben-Naim
“Black Swan”
Acrylic on Bird Board
23cm x 30.5cm
Tahia Tabani“Lost in the Woods”
Tahia Tabani“Lost in the Woods”
Tahia Tabani
“Lost in the Woods”
Oil Painting on Canvas
24inch/ 30 inch
USD 300
Ellie Heath“The Owl (Grounded)”
Ellie Heath“The Owl (Grounded)”
Ellie Heath
“The Owl (Grounded)”
Stoneware, Leather
Marian Wachter“A Tear for Trillium”
Marian Wachter“A Tear for Trillium”
Marian Wachter
“A Tear for Trillium”
14" x 14"

Emery Rosenbaum“Varied Bunting”
Emery Rosenbaum“Varied Bunting”
Emery Rosenbaum
“Varied Bunting”
mixed media - watercolor and pen drawing, intaglio etching

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