Emer Beattie

Highlands, UK | Watercolor

Artist Statement

I am an Irish watercolour artist living in the Highlands of Scotland. Growing up in rural Ireland and ending up on the Black Isle has influenced my work hugely. I am surrounded by nature and find inspiration in the environment around me.

I prefer to focus on the small things in nature – the colours and textures of leaves, branches, grasses and flowers – their variety can be just as expressive and majestic as big landscapes.

I like painting in watercolours – it’s what I grew up with, and I love the immediacy of the results. It’s a versatile but difficult medium. It can be subtle yet strong, have depth yet be transparent. You have to work fast, then wait, then fast again. I push myself with every painting to make it a new challenge, using a different technique or skill.

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Artist Statement Cont’d

Because of where I live, my work changes with the seasons. I hope you can get a feeling for my beautiful part of the world through these paintings.

Music plays a large part in my creative process and most of my paintings now are painted to the soundtrack of one artist – e.g I listened to Billie Holiday while painting “Autumn” and Paul Simon while painting “Paul Simon and my Wildflower Garden”.

I have been working in the arts for over 30 years as administrator, consultant and finally – artist. My mother is one of Ireland’s foremost watercolour artists so I cannot say that I am self-taught as anything I have learnt, I have learnt from her. Now in her mid 80’s she continues to inspire and advise me!

I hope my paintings give you a sense of peace, calm and happiness, feelings that are sometimes hard to come by in the world today.