Bob Moskowitz

California, USA | Oil

Artist Statement

If there is power in the mundane, I attempt to record moments of human significance in the commonplace. The work suggests aspects of the human condition in context with the subject’s culture which can be revealed through observation and a peeling back of the layers. Although the subjects mask their emotions and feelings, close observation begins to reveal the specifics of content and meaning. The viewer is a participant in the un-masking of the innermost and universal motivations of people who would be otherwise be un-observed and ignored. We are each are own microcosm of the human experience. Every individual is at once different, yet the same. We share the need for shelter, food, and belonging. Vulnerability is universal. How this manifests for each individual makes us unique. In my work I attempt to slowly pull back a curtain to expose a truth.

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Artist Statement Cont’d

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Bob Moskowitz moved with his family to the Bronx where he lived through kindergarten until they moved to Philadelphia, where he lived for 22 years. He earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Westchester University and later a four-year certificate from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. There he won a Franklin Watkins Grant and a Scheidt European Scholarship. In 1977 he moved to St.
Louis, Missouri to attend graduate school at Washington University where he met his wife, artist Margie Moskowitz. He earned an M.F.A. in Painting in 1979 and taught in St. Louis and Illinois until moving to California to teach at Ventura College where he was the art department chair for 21 years. He currently maintains his studio in Southern California.