Behind The MaskArt Exhibition - May 2024

Best in Show

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Steve Fitz

“MOXIE – Rococo Punk”

Oil on Canvas


“Now for something completely beautiful – Whispers of the human condition. Steve Fitz is an artist you might call enigmatic. An environmentalist and activist who wants to add some beauty to the world. As an artist, you explore different styles to find out what you are most comfortable with and in the process, develop some skill.

Photography sparked my creativity and I developed my art from there. This evolved into servicing the top end of the Sydney advertising industry in the area of photo composite, retouching and darkroom special effects before computers or photoshop. 10,000 hours in the darkroom creating magic from an art directors imagination. Production managers expected picture perfect, with the mind set that consumers like to associate with perfection. So over 20 years last century picture perfect was in-grained into me. It’s where I come from.

With my current series of art I produce a digital montage, using all my previous image creation skills, and use that as a template for brush work reminiscent of the renaissance masters to create startling realism. I love this new style, it’s me. I have gone full circle from picture perfect to painterly and abstract then back to picture perfect. And once again have found my place and it’s paradoxical different.

In the 19th century, around the time of the advent of photography, picture perfect was still the norm and impressionists where the rebels. I’ve turned that on its head. My startling realism rebels against the now norm and the painterly status quo which suits my rebellious nature, in a subtle and unpretentious way.

The paintings I have selected are from my Rococo Punk series and could be interpreted as a playful and fanciful version of Rococo art, with a focus on lightness, elegance, and curvaceous lines. The theme of this series incorporates sophisticated punk with black and white striped doll like consumes in mystical woodland settings. If you are after something startling and different then this is it. These are rare individually named attention grabbing collector items and look great in any formal setting.”

Where hidden Identity  


0pen canvas…

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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1st Place

Natascha Sastra

“No smile for a while”

oil on canvas

120×160 cm


The goal in a portrait is often to make it look monumental, not just by size, but by setting the model down monumentally. Like a timeless frozen second.

Timothy Parrant

“Will you follow the rabbit?”



“The Anarchist Cook Book
One of the most controversial books ever written. The author William Powell later in life regret ever writing it.
Currently banned in Australia and many other countries, it is a extremely dangerous book in the wrong hands.
This portrait series is a perspective of an apocalyptic future, fighting against the man.”

2nd Place

3rd Place

Stasia Fisher

“FEMA Camp for preschoolers”



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I’m emerging visual artist from Las Vegas. Predominantly figurative painter Im also often outside my home studio painting Plein Air.
I prefer intuitive approach over the contemplative. My  palette has vibrant and saturated colors that resonate with the choice of my painting subjects, which often burst with emotions. My most explored subjects in figurative art were related to social and cultural decline, fear culture and devolution of society. The mask particularly has importance in my artwork, its a metaphor for being disconnected from true self.In my landscape art I often explore the subjects of high desert scenery, animals and floral motifs.

Artwork was judged on a variety of criteria:



Theme Relevance



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