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  • Are there prizes and awards?
    Yes. Awards varies. Some competitions have cash awards and digital certificates. Please refer to the contest page for award details.
  • Who is eligible to participate in the contests?

    The contests are open to all individuals who meet the eligibility criteria. To be eligible, participants must be 18 years of age or older, Live anywhere in the world and have a valid email address. Participants must also agree to the terms and conditions of the contest before submitting entries. The contest organizers have the right to disqualify any participant who does not meet these eligibility criteria or violates any of the terms and conditions.

  • What art mediums are accepted for the competitions?

    Most art contests accept all mediums and styles, which means that no matter what type of art you create, you can submit it to a contest.

    This means that whether you create digital artwork, oil paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography or any other type of art, your work can be accepted in an art contest. This opens up a world of opportunities for artists who want to take part in these competitions and get their artwork noticed.

  • What criteria are used to judge the artwork entries?

    When it comes to judging artwork entries, there are several criteria that can be used to evaluate the quality of the artwork. These criteria include composition, technique, originality, and impact. The judges will look at how well the artist has composed the image, their use of color and texture, and how unique their artwork is from other entries. They will also assess how much impact the artwork has on viewers and whether it conveys a message or emotion effectively. By considering these criteria, judges can determine which artworks stand out from the rest and deserve to be recognized for their excellence.

  • What is the entry fee for each competition?

    The entry fee for each competition varies depending on the art competition. It is important to check the individual contest page to determine the exact entry fee. This is Non-refundable

    Our art entry fees are used to cover the cost of running our art competitions, including the cost of providing prizes and rewards to the winning entries. It also helps us cover administrative costs such as website hosting, marketing and promotion, as well as any other associated costs that come with running an art competition.

  • Are there any age restrictions for participants?

    Participants must be 18yrs or older to enter.

  • How are the winners notified and when will they receive their prizes?

    If you are a winner of a prize, you will be notified via email. The notification will include the details of the winning position and digital certificate.

    Cash prize winners will receive addition email from PayPal to claim winnings.

  • Do I need an art degree to participate?

    No, at Ten Moir Gallery, we offer a wide range of competitions for all types of people. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced competitor, you’ll find something to challenge yourself with.

  • How do artists benefit from participating in these competitions?

    Participating in art competitions can be a great way for artists to gain recognition, exposure, and experience. By entering these competitions, artists can showcase their works to a larger audience and get valuable feedback from experienced judges. They also get the opportunity to network with other artists, which can lead to potential collaborations or job opportunities. Furthermore, many of these competitions offer prizes such as cash. With so many benefits associated with participating in art competitions, it is no wonder why they are becoming increasingly popular among aspiring and established artists alike.

  • What are themed art competitions

    Our competitions and exhibitions have a different theme each month and are a great way for artists to showcase their work and compete against other talented individuals.

    These competitions give artists the opportunity to gain worldwide recognition, connect with other creatives, and win prizes. Our contests are held in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and more. We also offer special awards for the best artwork in each competition. These art contests provide an excellent platform for emerging artists to get noticed and take their creative skills to the next level.

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